2 Thessalonians 3:13

Two choices today! What do you think? I had fun doodling this verse, so I did two. Let me know in the comments which one you like better...

Today's verse has two parts: 1. TODAY is my sister's 21st birthday! She's like, a real adult now. That is just weird. I'm really proud of my sister. She's smart, loves Jesus, she encourages me when I need it the most! I struggled with the right verse for your 21st birthday...but these one seems to fit so perfectly. I know this is considered to be a "big birthday" for you, but I want to encourage you with this verse...don't tire of doing what is right. The ESV Bible says not to grow weary in doing good. Keep on growing and loving and caring and sharing and glorifying God in all that you do. And don't grow weary in it (never tire!), God's plan is always good and it is always better!

2. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 is the March verse for Graffiti 2 Ministries! Do you remember reading about Graffiti 2 a few Silent Sundays ago? I received an update from Ashley yesterday - the kids at Graffiti 2 are getting excited about Bible translation! Be praying as they memorize God's Word and learn about missions -- pray that God will move in their hearts to trust Him and follow Him wherever He leads!

Would you join me in wishing @lockhart_julie a happy birthday, praying for G2 Ministries and for the Bible to be translated into the heart language of the Ehty people?