Daniel 4:34 - Celebrating 10 MONTHS of Year 27!

Today marks TEN MONTHS OF YEAR 27! Or, TWO MONTHS left for this project! I can't believe how the time has flown by.

Over the past month, 26 verses have been sponsored for the Ehty people of South Asia. We’ve seen $5,939 given toward Bible translation for the Ehty people. That’s over 228 verses that the Ehty people will have in their own heart language! THANK YOU to all who have gotten involved - this is truly a blessing.

879 - 228 = 651 verses left to reach our goal of translating the book of John (God's Word!)

Will you pray about how you can get involved with this project? This is a GOD-SIZED task - and I'm trusting that God is going to provide exactly what is needed to translate this book. Consider sharing Year 27 with your friends and family (have I mentioned that sponsoring verses would make a GREAT Christmas present??)

Click here to learn more about sponsoring verses for the Ehty people.