Genesis 1:1

True, this verse may be the most well-known verse in the Bible besides John 3:16. It has taken on new meaning to me over this past week. My grandfather is in hospice care and not expected to make it much longer. It's been a weird week, but the devotional that I have been going through centered on the comfort yesterday. Have you ever looked to Genesis 1 for comfort? For me, there is encouragement in knowing that I can depend on God as my source of comfort during difficult times - He knows His creation intimately because He is the Creator! More than just a Creator, He is in control. He's got this - He knows me and my emotions better than anyone else.

A recent update from the Ehty translators informed me that they are beginning the translation of Genesis! This is exciting because it means that the Ehty people will get to know God as the Creator of the universe! Join me in supporting these translation efforts by praying for the translators and by giving financially. One verse = $26 and $26 could change a life!

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