Guest Post: 2 Corinthians 8:9

I'm excited to feature another guest poster here on YEAR 27! Natasha Schmale is a talented photographer from Calgary, Canada, with a love for graphic design. I have been blessed by her support of YEAR 27 and her love for Bible translation!

Natasha's story: "About three years ago on a trip with Wycliffe Bible Translators to South Asia, I was awakened to the need, value and importance of Bible translation. As a result, I am now completing my support-raising to work as a photographer with Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada, to help engage the Canadian church in Bible translation. I want to use photojournalism to help others have a better understanding of the importance and power of having God's Word in your heart language and encourage them to become involved."

Why this verse? "Discontentment is something I've been wrestling with recently. I'm hardly poor, but I often wish I had a few more dollars rolling around in my pocket so I could do this or have that. Recently, 2 Corinthians 8:9 forced my discontentment to come face to face with the Gospel. Jesus gave up His heavenly glory and came to earth to suffer and die and because of this I have received much more than I deserve. Even if all that I owned was stripped from me I would still hold the greatest treasure there is... JESUS."

We can all be like Natasha - someone who is passionate about Jesus and using her talents to serve Him in Canada. What are your talents and how can you use them to bring glory to God?

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