Guest Post: A Special Silent Sunday

Today's guest post is by Johanna Fenton. Johanna is the Social Media Coordinator for The Seed Company and One Verse. She has been a HUGE encouragement over the past several months! She is an encourager, passionate about Bible translation and a social media whiz! Thanks for writing today's post Johanna!


Last week Jill’s half-birthday occurred on a momentous day for the Gamo people of Ethiopia. It’s a story I want to tell you about.

Seven years ago, 4,500 Gamo people gathered to watch the newly translated “JESUS” film in their language. For many, it was the first time they understood the gospel – because it was expressed in the language they understand best.

 I invite you to take a moment to witness their moving reaction in this short video. I promise you won’t be disappointed (it’s our fans’ all-time favorite).

Well, guess what? On Jill’s half-birthday, over 10,000 Gamo returned to the same field where the “JESUS” film was shown to celebrate the arrival of the Gamo New Testament! Imagine with me: the joy was so intense that the stage almost broke under the weight of those dancing and singing at the celebration.

 We pray that God’s Word will flourish and lives be transformed in this community of 690,000 people who speak Gamo.

In another corner of the world, in South Asia, Ehty believers endure persecution as they translate the Scriptures for the first time. Jill’s Project Year 27 is bringing hope to these people – one verse at a time. Through Project Year27, you can sponsor one verse for $26. Find out more about OneVerse, a program of The Seed Company.

 Let’s together help end Bible poverty for the Ehty people. May they feast for the first time on every Word that comes from the mouth of God. 

To date, Year 27 has provided 144 verses … with just 735 to go. Will you help? It’s quick, easy and secure to give one verse. Start now.