Guest Post: Isaiah 61:10

Today's post was doodled by my friend Dana Hixson. Dana and her husband Doug (my pastor) have been working to plant a church here in Spearfish, South Dakota. My husband Geoffrey works with Doug as the worship and college pastor. Dana has become a wonderful friend and "partner-in-crime" over the past year(almost) that me and Geoffrey have lived here in Spearfish. Dana is a super-cool mom, a cake decorator extraordinaire, and a slight bit sarcastic. My husband and I love serving with the Hixson family and I am really excited to feature one of Dana's doodles on YEAR 27.

From Dana: "I chose this scripture after seeing another similar picture with fashion words written in the shape of a dress. That picture brought this verse to mind. As I began to think about the meaning of this verse, I thought about the "makeover" Jesus does in those who give their hearts to Him. He makes us new and clothes us in garments of salvation and robes of righteousness--or right-standing with Him--as we become sons and daughters of the King. Not only have I experienced that change in my own life (and continue to be made over for Him), but we are seeing it happen with the people we are sharing the hope of Jesus with in our city!"

Of course, I can't help but think of the "makeover" that will happen when the Ehty people hear God's Word in their own heart language. I'm looking forward to the day when they hear about Jesus and transformation takes place as they accept His love and mercy! You can be a part of bringing the Bible to the Ehty people - click here to find out how!