James 1:22 - Celebrating FIVE months of YEAR 27

MONTH 5 of YEAR 27 has been really exciting. We have seen 17 verses sponsored for the Ehty people of South Asia. This means that the Ehty people will officially have 101 verses in their own heart language! I have gotten to share with many people about YEAR 27 over the past month and I am excited to see more and more people get involved.

At the end of Month 6, I will celebrate my HALF birthday! This will be the official mid-point of the YEAR 27 project! So, think about how YOU can get involved in helping to translate scripture AND celebrate my HALF birthday!

Ways to celebrate: sponsor verses, SHARE YEAR 27 with your circle of influence, PRAY for the Ehty people, throw a party and educate people about Bible translation, get creative!!

Thanks again to everyone who has gotten involved with this project. I am completely blown away by what God is doing through so many people. I grin when I think about those 101 verses that the Ehty will see and hear in the language they know best. Lives will be impacted, transformed and encouraged by these 101 verses.

Click here to sponsor a verse today.