John 6:40

Last night, I got to attend a debate at Black Hills State University between author Alex McFarland (guest of a BH Christian organization) and his friend David Silverman (guest of BH Secular Student Alliance). My husband and I do a lot of ministry to college students on this campus. During the question and answer time, a young child asked Mr. McFarland if he had read the Bible all the way through and if he has a favorite verse. He responded that he had read it through one time, studies it everyday and that his favorite verse is John 6:40. He recited for all in attendance - so cool! Today's verse is in his honor.

Alex McFarland, thanks for standing up for your faith, keeping your cool, respecting the audience and setting an example of love for college students at Black Hills State University!

God's Word is living and active. I am praying for all of those in attendance at last night's debate. I'm also excited that we have the opportunity to bring God's message of hope, peace and love to people who don't have it in their own heart language.