Philippians 4:13

Happy Monday everyone! My friend Patti, a fellow Community Bible Study (CBS) member, requested this verse for her house. She told me that it is one of her favorites!

One of the goals here at YEAR 27 is to translate the equivalent of the book of John into the heart language of the Ehty people of South Asia.

BUT WHY JOHN? 1. John is the book that I studied this past year in CBS. I got to know that book really well. And when you get to know the book of John - you get to know Jesus.

2. John has 879 verses. 879 verses at $26/verse = $22,854. This is a HUGE goal for YEAR 27. When I started this project on Dec. 12, 2011, I asked God to show me a goal that was something big - something that I knew I could not do on my own. As I kept thinking about a goal, the book of John seemed like the right thing to do. I originally thought that I would make a goal of 100 verses translated or maybe choose a shorter book of the Bible. As it stands right now: over 142 verses have been translated for the Ehty people of South Asia! How cool is that! And God continues to lead the way. I like that - this is definitely something that only He can do!

You can get involved with YEAR 27, too! Sponsoring ONE VERSE of the Bible into the heart language of the Ehty people brings us closer to seeing their lives changed through the POWER of God's word. Sponsoring ONE VERSE of scripture means that generations to come will learn about Jesus - through books like John - and they will know of His forgiveness and love. Click here to learn more about sponsoring Bible translation for the Ehty people.