Psalm 67:1-2


As we wrap up YEAR 27, this verse really brings it home.

I want the Ehty people - ahem, all nations - to know of the God's saving power. I want them to experience this personally. I'm hoping that the Ehty people will be transformed by all of the verses that we've translated for them and I'm hoping to hear stories down the road of new believers and life-change.

As 12/12/12 (my birthday) approaches tomorrow, I have a whole mix of emotions. I'm so excited about all that God has done and all of the new people that I have met over this past year. I'm hopeful that God is going to provide for all 879 verses of the book of John to be translated into the heart language of the Ehty people through Year 27. I'm grateful and thankful for each of you.

I look forward to celebrating tomorrow night with many of my Spearfish friends (Join us!).

So now, will you join me in bringing the book of John to the Ehty people of South Asia? It's $26 to translate one verse - this will be $26 that has the potential to change thousands of lives for generations to come. Click here to sponsor verses.

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