Psalm 90:2

I enjoyed riding in the mountains today on my mountain bike - it was really hard going up hill, but I feel like I got a great workout! I read Psalm 90 yesterday morning, and several verses from that chapter really stood out to me - you will probably be seeing more from Psalm 90 in the days ahead! As I think about this verse and am surrounded by mountains, it is hard to think that there was a time when they weren't there. At the same time, I look around at the mountains and I can't help but think that God did an amazing, perfect job when he created this earth - it shows His extreme creativity, pure genious and GREAT love for us!

I hope that the Ehty people look out over their little patch of creation and wonder about the One who created it all. I am looking forward to the Ehty being able to read and hear God's Word and learn about the One who created them.

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