Silent Sunday: Do you have the Bible in my language?

“Do you have the Bible in my language?” My heart broke as I told him that we only had the book of Luke. This small church in South Asia is committed to sharing the gospel with the surrounding villages. I had traveled with a team of ten from our church in California to work with them in their effort to reach their community with the gospel of Christ. That same day, another of our team had a similar conversation with a first-time believer. She passionately encouraged him and his translator to get busy translating the Bible into her language!

This experience has changed me. I have known for a long time that countless people do not have the Bible in their own language. To stand opposite a new believer, longing to read the Bible in their own language, was truly a moving and overwhelming experience.

I spoke with the pastor, a man passionate about translating the Bible into this language. He is using all his available time working on translation efforts, and is now nearing the completion of the gospels. This project is in need of more workers (native speakers to assist in translation and proof-reading), prayer and financial support. My heart is awakened to their desperate need, and I am seeking God’s direction in how I can support their efforts.

- Brenda R., a believer in California, contacted me this week with this story. She spoke of the GREAT need for Bible translation.

SILENT Sunday is a chance for you to be LOUD about Bible translation. Pray for people groups around the world who still need the Bible in their own heart language, share this story on Facebook or Twitter, buy a Valentine's Day card for someone you love, or sponsor Bible translation.