Silent Sunday - Finish Year 2012

SILENT SUNDAY This is for the Ehty people in South Asia. These guys don't have the Bible in their own heart language -- yet. YEAR 27 is all about raising the support necessary to fill up the white square with the WORDS of CHRIST in the their own language.

FINISH YEAR 2012 Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like, works with Dave Ramsey, writer of the book Quitter) posted a challenge on his blog recently. Today, I am jumping on board with his challenge - it fits perfectly with my goals for 12-12-12 and my 27th year. Spend a few minutes reading more about the challenge and consider what YOU would like to FINISH this year! These statements from Jon's blog really stood out to me:

Because you’re supposed to finish something this year. Something that is important, something that matters, something that is waiting on you. And having an entire blog full of people rooting you on, refusing to let you quit, is going to dramatically increase your chances of succeeding.

and also this:

Why are we doing FinishYear? Because completed dreams change the world.


Give to One Verse today!