Silent Sunday: Graffiti 2

Today begins a week of guest posts! I'll be traveling this week. I'm excited to introduce my friend Ashley to all of you. Ashley and the ministry she is a part of in New York are incorporating Year 27 into their after-school program. From Ashley:

Graffiti 2 is a church and community ministry located in the Bronx, New York. We are in the Mott Haven neighborhood that is known for high crime and poverty, poor education and nutrition, and many other typical ailments that plague inner city communities. Graffiti 2 exists to revive, revitalize, and revolutionize those in Mott Haven and beyond. We believe in building a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of a hospital at the bottom. We want to teach and train children and teenagers to be revolutionaries that will influence their friends and families around them.

We do this through after school programs for children and teenagers. We meet as a church on Sunday mornings. We host special events and outreaches for the community.

All that we do is driven by our desire to share Christ’s love with those we encounter. We teach core values, like respect, in addition to what the Bible says about God.

Our ministry relies on partnerships with churches and individuals that send money, supplies and people throughout the year. We are incredibly blessed through these partnerships. We don’t just want to be a ministry that receives. We wanted to teach our kids about missions like other kids across the country learn about us! It’s challenging for us to get our families to get involved in donating money or supplies to a ministry when those families may be struggling to provide for themselves.

I have known Jill for a few years. We met while I was still in college and Jill was my Bible study leader. When I saw what she wanted to do with Year 27, I felt like it was something we could be a part of. Our after school programs do Bible Drill once a week. Each week the students are given a new verse that they are encouraged to memorize. Year 27 sounded like the perfect ministry opportunity for us to partner with. As our students learn verses from the Bible, we can sponsor a verse so that other kids could learn it in their own language. To start, we are setting a goal to sponsor each verse we learn (about 3 a month). Hopefully this will connect with the kids and teens and we will be able to far exceed our starting goal! Graffiti 2 wants to encourage them to participate in this project, so we will match the amount that the students raise.

Thank you so much to Jill, One Verse, and all those involved in providing Bible translation to those who don’t have it. We are blessed to join you in this project!


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